Sedation Dentistry Baltimore

Sedation Dentistry Baltimore

It’s comforting to know there’s a dentist in your community you can trust for sedation dentistry in Baltimore. If you’re fearful about seeing a dentist or deal with past trauma associated with the dentist chair, you can rest easy knowing Smile Studio Dentistry of Baltimore offers oral sedation – in the form of a pill – to maximize comfort and relaxation throughout your entire treatment. Explore our website’s resources to learn why locals trust us with their family’s dental care or call us to set up a practice visit.


Schedule a Tour

We’d love to show you around our beautiful dental care building and give your family the opportunity to get to know us a little better. While visiting, you’ll have the chance to view our coffee corner, snack station, and many other places within our facility. You’ll love the caring way our staff shows patience with younger visitors and the time we take to make you feel like one of the family at Smile Studio Dentistry of Baltimore.


Ask About Sedation Dentistry In Baltimore

Your initial visit is an excellent time to talk to our staff about how we can reduce your anxiety with oral sedation. We want you to have a full understanding of what to expect so there are absolutely no surprises along the way. The effects of the pill you take may vary; it all depends on the dose required to put you at ease so we can help you achieve the smile results you desire.


We Offer Multiple Treatment Visits

We understand how difficult it is for some patients to return for more than one appointment, especially patients who experience anxiety. For this reason, we offer multiple treatment appointments under oral sedation, which not only reduces time spent in the dentist chair but also keeps costs of treatment to a minimum. Let our staff know about your needs when you call to schedule your next appointment- we’ll be happy to accommodate in any way we can.


Give us a call to schedule a no-obligation to discuss your smile goals. During that appointment, we can then get to know your dental fears better and the past experiences you’ve had. We want to ensure you never have a bad visit to the dentist again.

Sedation Dentistry Baltimore
Smile Studio Dentistry of Baltimore
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